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Photographed by Charlie Hawks.


I had my eye out for a unique space to house some precious pieces this year and Ours Fitzroy very quickly caught it.

Rare Shiny Carousel the Original Artwork at Ours Fitzroy, photographed by Charlie Hawks

Each of my prints and original works hold great importance to me and represent so many things past, present and future. I think about how the meaning of my paintings — particular my classical sisters style works— and how they will find you initially. I also hold close the knowledge that  their presence will develop over the years spent alongside you and how they will represent different things to each of you at varying stages.

The original Holly Green artwork in Ours Fitzroy, photographed by Charlie Hawks

Limited-edition prints are a particularly wonderful notion of a connection, especially when taking into account the most adored and sought after of each collection. Each of these pieces connect with you, the unique collector, but also with the other collectors around the world, creating a magnificent web of sisters, celebration and reflection. 

Rare shiny carousel, holly green, holidaying in lakota and soft sienna latte and their growing entanglement are often at the forefront of my mind when I consider the connection of my pieces, as they are my most collected prints. As you see I’ve thought carefully about the lives of these pieces and yours, so further to that can you imagine how much significance the original paintings of these prints have for me? 

The original smooth cotton paper, layered fine art acrylics and segments of my own life that these paintings were created upon are a small moment comparably, but have been brought to a sparkling greatness by each of my collectors and their unique, perfect contribution to my purpose. 

Narjia Brownlie with Rare Shiny Carousel at Ours Fitzroy

Up until I happened across the ever-cool Ours Instagram page in early July I hadn’t thought it possible to part with the four original works I’ve spoken about. A space rich with careful, considered and wonderfully unique pieces from makers in both Naarm and throughout Australia — Ours was the place I wanted to be a part of. Adding to the energetic allure of this boutique store and apartment space in Fitzroy is the creator behind it. A talented creator, funky-hair extraordinaire and all around Melbourne-vibe delight but Zane’s quality I’m most grateful for is his commitment and genuine care for the creators his space houses. Whether it be an artist, a shoot or guests to the apartment, I know he’d make you feel welcome and valued and that you would leave with a heightened confidence in yourself and your work — which I feel like creators are in a near constant depletion of.

Narjia Brownlie with the original Holidaying in Lakota painting at Ours Fitzroy, photographed by Charlie Hawks

I had my four original works floated, shadow-box framed in forestry-certified Raw Tasmanian Oak and set behind UV protected and anti-reflective art glass by my immaculate team at Left Bank Art Group in Queensland. The pieces were delivered, hung and ready to sparkle in time for A Few of Our Favourite Things: Vol. 1 in late July. I flew down for the opening night and was totally enchanted by the feeling in Ours, particularly when I saw my sisters among such incredible creators, and in a place with so much feeling and consideration. 

Narjia Brownlie with her original work Holly Green in Ours Fitzroy

Groovy emerald patterns grace the staircase, there’s a recycled church window enclosing the shower, the dining table is created especially for the kitchen it perfectly features within and the entire space builds toward a little dream you can place yourself in (literally! — you can pretend its yours over the weekend and look up from the Monde Studio sofa toward your extensive art collection!)

The amount of messages I’ve received from visitors to the space and pictures my paintings have featured in really astounds me and warms me right up.

Holidaying in Lakota an Original Fine Art Acrylic on Cotton Artwork

Like I mentioned, I have considered the sentimental value carefully when deciding to release these pieces for collection, because while the prints are impeccable and important, the originals contain the moment and raw feeling of the time they were created and are irreplaceable. These pieces have been priced accordingly and we have had one collection so far, being soft sienna latte earlier in August, however the remaining pieces are awaiting their home. The pieces have been available exclusively at Ours in-store for the past few months and have had little features in the background of Rolling Stone articles, Gorman photoshoots and a whole array of amazing creations but none as important as the projection they will create within their final collectors home. 

Narjia Brownlie sits with Rare Shiny Carousel and Holly Green

The pieces have just been uploaded online for collection in Melbourne and can be shipped around Australia upon enquiry. 

If you’re in Melbourne and are able to see these pieces in their original beauty I definitely encourage you to do so, alternatively shop the limited-edition fine art prints here to join our fun and be included in my pondering. 


Ours Fitzroy 
248 Johnson Street
Fitzroy, VIC





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