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Inspired by the momentum her practice has gained since commencement in July 2020, Narjia is eager to continue to create meaningful work that celebrates femininity in all of its expressions.

Marking the beginning 2023 with this intention, Narjia is launching a new charitable initiative, titled Petals, which aims to reach out and assist women in need around Australia. Petals will donate a portion of the profits from every online artwork sale made on to an elected female-focussed charity each quarter.

Named after a daisy motif that is recurring throughout the artist’s personal life and the delicate yet formidable natural shields that protect the generative function of flowers, the project will see Brownlie forge a deeper and more meaningful connection between her work and the women everywhere who inspire her.

Although this isn’t a solitary pursuit, rather Petals aims to nurture a sense of compassion and community, enabling collectors to contribute in more ways than one through investing in emerging Australian art.

Ultimately, this is a special opportunity between artist and collector to facilitate a small yet mighty dose of social change and financial assistance for women who are in need of it most.

Petals commences by donating AUD $10.00 from each online artwork sale. Learn about our first nominated charity here.




Protea Place, Toowoomba | January - March 2023

The total donation to Petals' first nominated charity was $990, donated on 13.04.2023

Catherine House, Adelaide | April - June 2023

The total donation to Petals' second nominated charity was $310, donated on 12.07.2023

Zig Zag Young Women's Resource Centre, Camp Hill | July - September 2023

The total donation to Petals' second nominated charity was $110, donated on 31.10.2023

Good Shepherd, Australia and New Zealand | October - December 2023

Donations to this charity will be collected, donated and announced in early January 2024

Up next: The Women's Centre, Townsville | January - March 2024



If there's a women's support organisation that's meaningful to you, please email with more information - I'd love to hear from you and learn.


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