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As we welcome the beginning of February 2023, it's with great pride and appreciation that I launch Petals and introduce the first women's charity to benefit from this young initiative: Protea Place, Toowoomba.

Petals is a charitable initiative, which aims to reach out and assist women in need around Australia. Petals will donate a portion of the profits from every online artwork sale made on to an elected female-focussed charity each quarter. Ultimately, this is a special opportunity between artist and collector to facilitate a small yet mighty dose of social change and financial assistance for women who require more tangible help than the luxury that art alone can provide.

Toowoomba has been a meaningful place to nurture my early artistic career and the community has contributed enormously to each day spent in my CBD studio. While Protea Place has only been in operation since 2018, through word-of-mouth I've become increasingly aware of the incredible work and support they provide for women in the most difficult times. Strengthened by 20 years experience in the social services sector, founder and CEO Amanda Dalton established Protea Place after identifying significant gaps and the need to provide support services specific to women.

To cover the collective distribution of the cost of a meal, shower, laundry, toiletry pack, and clothing pack for one woman costs just $20 per month, or $240 per year. 

The Toowoomba community is enriched beyond measure through the commitment of this organisation and I am humbled by the ability my collectors and I have to tangibly contribute to their resources, as 2023's first quarter draws to a close on March 31st.

Learn more about Protea Place here.

Learn more about Petals By Narjia Brownlie here.

The total donation to Petals' first nominated charity was $990, donated on 13.04.2023.


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