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This piece was created during my six week residency at Newstead Studios in Spring.

This painting brought with her many reflections and developed as I was quietly making quite meaningful pivots in my plans for the future. In my experience creative work carries with it grand seasons of highs and lows, and over the six weeks she was present through both extremes. 

This piece was the first painting I have ever truly accounted for the creation process, as I was locked in on completing her beginning to end, which I’ve never done before.

I’ll always think of her for lots of reasons but maybe the most valuable to me is that I properly realised the time and spirit each painting takes. 

The extraordinary sentiment grew for ‘jacaranda springtime fizz’ when she found her collector, only two weeks following completion. I was completely delighted and verging on heartbroken, as I wanted to let go and hold on in equal measure. Generously, the collector agreed for 20 limited-edition paper prints of the piece to be created and they’re here.

I’ve never painted something so intricate and smooth and as carefully cut as this piece and I find a new undiscovered segment every time I see her.

To her future 20 collectors, I hope you’ll rise and fall and rise and fizz together as I did <3 


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