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Hi everyone! <3

My pop-up opens this Thursday 16th May at 28 Johnston Street, Fitzroy VIC. 

This is my first pop-up in Melbourne and I cannot wait to meet the beautiful people who have supported me and my work since I launched in 2020. 

I’ve typically been pretty quiet in the lead up with so many things to organise (window decals always seem to break me, lol) but I promise I have been working away to make this pop-up as full and spirited as possible for you. 

You know when a child wants to show you absolutely everything in their room and tell you a story about each thing?— prepare yourselves, I have four years worth of things.

I’ve popped some details below for you, but if you have a question please feel welcome to email me! x




Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm 

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Sunday: 9am - 3pm


What will the pop-up be like? 

It will be really, really fun <3

The closer I get to the opening, the more excited I become for the ‘everything’ nature of this pop-up. While initially intending on displaying a select few pieces, I’ve swiftly turned in the complete opposite direction. By ‘everything’ I mean I’m bringing together almost everything I possibly can to show you. Once I leant toward ‘more is more’, a circus of new originals, old originals, un-stretched originals, and more fresh prints than I’ve ever laid my eyes on came into the mix.

It also feels like the mini-end of an era… </3

I’m particularly eager to savour this experience, where I can bring this range and variety of pieces together in one highly-spirited amalgamation of four years of work. I have some large projects and commissions rounding out the next few months and as I develop as an artist, pop-up events like this become slightly too big to achieve on my own while I’m fulfilling other client obligations. Similarly, a large portion of my pop-up abilities over the last year has stemmed from having a large body of work available, which thankfully I’ve seen lessen drastically by my incredible collectors.

I’m not going anywhere of course!— but I feel everything changing so quickly and would love for you to savour this slightly chaotic offering in Fitzroy with me in case its our last for a while <3 


Will there be an opening event? 

No. If you’re worried you missed out on an opening invitation, don’t worry— we all did! x

Opening events are wonderfully fun, but wonderfully overwhelming at the same time and I always feel worried afterward that I didn’t get to speak to you as much as I wanted to. So, this pop-event is long and lovely and I’m excited to meet you spaciously with as much time as we’d like. 


Which pieces will be featured at the pop-up? 

  • Originals on Paper (framed and unframed)
  • Originals on Stretched Canvas (framed)
  • Originals on Un-Stretched Canvas (rolled)
  • Giclee Prints on Paper (framed and unframed)


What are the opening hours? 

Monday - Friday | 10am - 6pm

Saturday | 9am - 4pm

Sunday | 9am - 3pm


When will the next pop-up be?

For the past three months, this Fitzroy pop-up has entirely taken over my life and mind, and I’m quietly convinced I haven’t even achieved sixty-percent of what I had envisioned. So, with no current plans the next one will be somewhat far in the distance, but I’ll keep you in the loop <3 


Will there be any treats? 

Yes! I’ve heard that exclusive pricing is one of the best treats when it comes to collecting art <3

There will also be a few exclusive prints available in pop-up-only sizing. 


How to purchase?

Whichever method suits you best for which piece you collect—  direct transfer; cash; and for the very first time, card payments are available! I bit the bullet and am outrageously excited to enter this stage. 


Can I make an appointment to discuss a commission artwork or styling?

Yes, of course!

All of my Melbourne commissions so far have been via email or phone call, so I would relish in the opportunity to speak one-on-one about creating a unique artwork together. 

It’s sometimes tricky to visualise how an artwork will feature within your home. Luckily, I spend quite a bit of timing thinking about my pieces and would be very happy to recommend beautiful ways to style them. 

To organise an appointment please email with a preferred date and time. 

This pop-up will be supporting Juno, as Petals' nominated charity organisation for the second quarter of 2024. 

Read more about Petals and its aim here

$10 from every print sold along with $100 from every original will be donated to Juno, supporting the women and non-binary people we cannot through art alone. 


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