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$12,140 <3


An outstanding result and thanks to all of you, a milestone I’ll cherish forever. 

What began as an idea in my first studio in 2021, became possible in my second studio in 2022. In 2023 thanks to Ali, I saw the project take shape and in the early days of 2024 an idea to support and celebrate women simultaneously came to fruition. Through the ‘Petals x Ali Whittle Collaboration Project’, myself; Ali; our generous sponsors; and our adored entrants have raised $12,140 to continue the meaningful work of women’s charity organisation, Good Shepherd. 

Good Shepherd provides a wide range of supportive resources in their charitable work, with the most significant being their no-interest-loans (NIL). Understanding the patterns of abuse and violence in relationships, Good Shepherd specifically recognises the financial strain many women have in leaving a harmful situation and how it frequently results in either a return to or a fear of seeking safety from domestic violence. The charity also provides critical financial independence training to women who’s abilities have been suppressed by a dominant figure, which ultimately supports their confidence when leaving a violent relationship.

As I learn more about their work, both the more grateful I am for my positive experiences with relationships and the greater equipped I feel knowing the abilities and outreach of Good Shepherd, in case I’m ever in the position to suggest their support to women in a vulnerable or dangerous position.

In 21/22’ 1 in 4 women had experienced violence, emotional abuse, or economic abuse by a cohabitating partner since the age of 15 (Personal Safety Survey from the ABS).

The more we know, the more we can help— I encourage you to familiarise yourself with their work in case you or anyone you know may be in need of their tangible assistance one day.  



As the first of any new projects, I knew I wanted to extend on the idea of Petals— where I donate a portion of profits from each website sale toward a women’s charity— but I wasn’t entirely sure of the best way to contribute toward women in need. 

I was asked often as ‘Petals x Ali Whittle’ developed why I didn’t just auction off the original painting instead of offering $20 entry tickets. While the collection of original works like this is typically set aside as a luxury, I wanted this project to offer a unique accessibility where everyone had a chance to participate and win. 

In the final days of the competition and following the announcement of our wonderful runner-up prizes, we saw such an incredible boost in ticket sales surpassing the painting’s retail price of $8,100 by half. There’s no doubt that the generous contribution of Jean Riley, Go-To Skincare, Silk Laundry, Pechey Distillery and Bed Threads with their beautiful prize donations as well as the unwavering support of Ali all led to the final days ticket surge. 

Naturally it’s hard not to second guess when you’re trying something for the first time, and I definitely wondered lots if we could have raised more money through an auction. It means so much to me that we were able to stay true to the values of the Petals project and through the support of 607 entry tickets sold sold we were able to reach higher than I had ever imagined. I become more grateful every day for the people who engage with me and my work and I think you’re honestly one of my greatest gifts. 

I’ll remember so fondly the final two days where I would text Ali our new totals and how quickly they would climb. We were so excited and spoke about what a great starting point this first project has been for the ones that are to come <3


#1 - 1 x By Narjia Brownlie | 'Petals x Ali Whittle' Giclee Print Extra-Large (1200 x 900mm) | unframed

#2 - 1 x Jean Riley | $500 Gift Card 

#3 - 1 x Go-To Skincare | Go-To Skincare Summer Packs | Valued at $188 each

#4 - 1 x Go-To Skincare | Go-To Skincare Summer Packs | Valued at $188 each

#5 - 1 x Go-To Skincare | Go-To Skincare Summer Packs | Valued at $188 each

#6 - 1 x Go-To Skincare | Go-To Skincare Summer Packs | Valued at $188 each

#7 - 1 x Go-To Skincare | Go-To Skincare Summer Packs | Valued at $188 each

#8 - 1 x Silk Laundry | $300 Gift Card 

#9 - 1 x Pechey Distillery ‘Art x Gin - Narjia Brownlie’ | Valued at $78 each

#10 - 1 x Pechey Distillery ‘Art x Gin - Narjia Brownlie’ | Valued at $78 each

#11 - 1 x Bed Threads French Flax Linen Classic Robe (colour of choice) | Valued at $120 



It was my 27th birthday and along with the sweetest messages and the success of our project, I also got to call Kristina to tell her she had won our competition and the original Petals x Ali Whittle painting must have been meant for her along. Kristina is so, so sweet and that phone call was SO much fun, I cannot wait to do it again one day. I had a look once her name was drawn and saw that Kristina had entered our competition on multiple occasions, purchasing tickets days and weeks apart, even on the very last night. She was so excited and teary and shocked and it was wonderful. Making that phone call and hearing so much gratitude was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done on my birthday and despite starting the day YouTubing the formula to select a name at random on excel, it was perfect.

To everyone who entered and missed out, rest assured your winner was over the moon and couldn’t have been more elated. 


Ali has been a source of unwavering support and delight since we connected through art in 2020 and it has been the greatest honour to emanate her divine feminine spirit through a painting based entirely on her. 

Working with Ali on this project has been one of the greatest highlights of my career so far and I know that without her support and belief that the project wouldn’t have been a fraction of the success it became. I’m so thankful for our friendship and the wonderful achievement we have accomplished together. 

I’m very lucky and have had the joy of getting to know Ali really well through the last few months, especially through the launch of our Petals x Ali Whittle competition in Sydney last December. The sweetest, kindest, most clever surface lends only sweeter and kinder and more clever the more you get to know her. While Ali shares interesting and beautiful content through social media, she also has a great Substack which you can sign up to and learn all about what she's been up to, what she's reading, wearing, enjoying. While the original artwork we created together holds an ultimate beauty, I’m so happy to know that her immaculate personality and nature will continue to be celebrated through the limited-edition prints of our custom artwork. 


The limited-edition giclée prints of ‘Petals x Ali Whittle’ are available to order framed or unframed in a variety of sizes. The largest size print actually features in Ali and her husband's home down in Sydney, which is so special because as it becomes a part of their space it can become a part of yours too <3

The impact and abilities of this artwork are like no other I’ve ever created and I believe strongly in the contagion magic it holds from that. 

Shop limited-edition ‘Petals x Ali Whittle’ prints here.


I’m not sure when the next Petals Collaboration Project will develop or who my next muse will be, but in the meantime through “Petals” every website sale contributes toward a different women’s charity quarterly.

The women’s charity we’re supporting through January - March is The Women’s Centre in Townsville, which provides crisis counsel and support to women suffering from domestic and sexual abuse.

We’ve already started the year strong with lots of prints ordered early in the month. Know that with every print collected, you’re celebrating women and the abstract spirit of femininity as well as helping vulnerable women around Australia — as we’ve just seen with the results of Petals x Ali Whittle, a little can go a very long way <3

Learn more about Petals and the Petals x Ali Whittle Project.


A final and enormous thanks to everyone who supported Ali and I in this first collaborative art project. You're incredible x


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