Commissioning an artwork by an artist is an experience like no other. It provides you with the opportunity to engage with an artist on a personal level so they can create something entirely unique, a one-off original artwork never to be repeated. For Narjia, this is an intimate and rewarding process, where her commitment to engaging with clients one-on-one sees her realise original works that speak authentically to their inner vision as well as her artistic style. 



Communication is at the heart of developing a commission with Narjia. Before anything, a discussion is had between the artist and the client regarding the desired size, colour palette, style, and intention of the artwork. Using her existing works as reference, the complexity of the artwork is also something that is considered—minimal, intermediate, or complex. After this initial assessment, a quote will be arranged and provided to the client. Once agreed to, an invoice will be emailed to the client, with a 50% deposit required before the artist commences the painting. When the artwork is completed, Narjia will personally email through photographs of the work for review. Upon completion and approval of the painting, the remaining 50% deposit must be made before the artwork is packed and shipped to the client via courier. Tracking information will be provided. 


Size, Style and Pricing

The complexity guide provides examples of Narjia’s artworks to show the different styles the artist specialises in painting. Please see it below for your reference. The price guide presents an indication of the prices to be expected when enquiring for a commission. Based on the size and style of the artwork to be commissioned, the price guide takes into consideration the amount of supplies and time required. The price guide does not show approximate prices for commissioned artworks, as these are finalised after further discussion with the artist. Please keep in mind that original artworks are priced higher than artist prints as they are authentic, one-off artworks. Please see the price guide below for your reference. 



Narjia warmly welcomes all enquiries regarding her artwork and commissions, however these requests are accepted on a limited basis. To ensure an appointment to discuss a commission, whether it be soon or in the future, please don’t hesitate to email with the details of your commission based on the information above.